Does Powertex textile hardener expire/have a shelf life?

Powertex liquid does not expire. As with any paint or other art media, once opened the cap must be placed back on tightly to prevent evaporation. Placing an old disposable glove between the cap and bottle on closing helps make it easier to reopen the bottle.

Why does my new bottle of Powertex liquid look watery and separated?

Powertex is made in Belgium and shipped internationally. This causes the fluids in the liquid to separate with the heavier pigments to settle to the bottom. The pigments in the bottom will be very sticky and must be stirred with a wooden dowel rod until the liquids are reconstituted. It should be the consistency of chocolate syrup, with no lumps when mixed properly.

Is Powertex non-toxic?

Yes! Powertex is environmentally friendly water-based and has the AP seal of approval, which means that the product you are purchasing is non-toxic. According to ACMI, it is safe for use with children.

Can I dilute Powertex liquid?

No. Diluting the mixture with water will keep it from hardening properly. If you have an older bottle of Powertex that has gotten thick, add a very small amount of water and mix until smooth again.

Is Powertex a polymer?

Yes. Powertex is a water-based, non-toxic polymer.

Can I mix Powertex with acrylic paint to change the color?

No. You can add paint, adhesives, and other art mediums on top of cured Powertex layers. It is not recommended to mix the liquid with other mediums except for dry pigments because it will not harden properly when the mix ratio is altered.

Does Powertex have an odor?

Yes. As with most art mediums, it does have an odor similar to the smell of wood glue.

Can Powertex sculptures be placed outside?

Yes! Powertex colors are weather resistant but Transparent is not. Allow sculptures to cure for three weeks, then applying three coats of Easy Varnish seal the Stone Art or pigments after the figure has dried. Very large sculptures can be sealed with Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane Spray once cured. Powertex is a thermoplastic and will always be sensitive to temperature changes. With warm weather, it will become softer and with dry or chilly weather it will harden again. 

What happens if Powertex freezes?


Please see winter shipping on the shipping policy page for more information.

When can I expect my package?

We ship from our facility within 2 - 5 business days of receiving the order. Items are shipped insured via USPS Priority mail calculated by weight and zip code. 

Do you ship internationally?

No. US shipping only but there are other Powertex distributors internationally just google your country of origin.

What is your return policy?

Returns will only be accepted on unopened items. Please see our shipping policy page.