The nature of my work is an ever-changing expression of   my curious soul. Art has a way of capturing the imagination, touching the heart and opening doorways to the possibility of a new perspective on life. My intentions as an instructor is to inspire a fresh sense of connection between the artist and the joy of artistic play.

For myself, that connection is realized through my work as a painter, sculptor, writer, poet, and mixed media artist. The varying nature of my art reflects my love of experimentation, exploration and my fascination with the "ten thousand things" that life has to offer.

I use a variety of mediums and techniques to accomplish the desired effects of vibrancy, texture, dimension, and depth. My work is often a combination of canvas, digital images, paper, clay, stone, manmade, and natural elements. While the overall energy of my work often reflects influences from Asian, Native American,  and other ancient traditions.

Be Inspired!