Build With Powertex
Building sculptures, decor, and yard art made easy with Powertex. Simple materials from the home and studio can be used to sculpt and create amazing works of art.

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Transfer Images With Powertex
Transfer images to canvas, paper, fabric, ceramic, and Powertex treated surfaces.

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You Tube - Craft by Debi

Learn With Powertex
Learn Powertex techniques with talented artists from around the world via

video and book resources.

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Watch artist Cheryl Boglioli Create Fossil Mixed Media Using Stone Art & Power Wax on Make it Artsy 


Intro To Powertex
Watch Powertex founder Brigitte Grade demontrate sculpture building, painting on canvas, and image transfer techniques.


Regine Dossche - Powertexcreations

A New Way To Play!

Power Wax, water-soluble, cold wax medium. The newest addition to the Powertex line of fine art mediums.

If you have ever created art using beeswax wax mediums? Then you know the joys and limitations of having to work with oil-based paints and mediums. Powertex has opened up a whole new world of creativity which can be mixed with acrylic paints and other water-based mediums. No need to heat, just mix with any binding medium and start creating!

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Powerwax Art & Zora Figure by Brigitte Grade